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FSCO-Financial ServicesComm. Of Ontario www.fsco.gov.on.ca
Assuris www.assuris.ca
CPP & OAS Admin www.hrsdc.gc.ca
CCRA www.cra.gc.ca
Bank of Canada www.bank-banque-canada.ca
The Globe and Mail www.theglobeandmail.com
CNBC www.cnbc.com
Toronto Stock Exchange www.tsx.com
Yahoo Finance ca.finance.yahoo.com/
Google Finance finance.google.ca/finance
Weather Network www.theweathernetwork.com
Canada 411 www.canada411.ca
Mapquest www.mapquest.com


 Advantage of Early Investing 
See how investing early and on a regular basis can increase your wealth.

 Cash Flow Indicator
Determine your family’s income and expenses with this easy to use tool.

 Investment & Regular Deposit
See how your one time investment or regular deposit program will increase over a given time period.

 Investment & Regular Withdrawal 
Calculate the regular income stream generated by your non-registered investment.

 Net Worth Illustrator 
Complete your personal financial picture and clarify your personal assets and liabilities.

 RESP Calculator 
Learn how much your money can grow in an RESP with the added contributions from the Canadian Education Savings Grant. It also helps you figure out how much you will need to save for your children’s future education.

 Registered vs. Non-Registered Investing 
See the benefits of registered versus non-registered growth.

 RIF/LIF Calculator
Get a personalized assessment of the tax benefits you gain by investing in your RRSP.

 RRSP Calculator 
Calculate how much you will need to save between now and the day you retire.

 RRSP Illustrator 
Get a personalized assessment of the tax benefits you gain by investing in your RRSP.

 RRSP Loan Planner 
Find out how an RRSP loan could help increase your income when you retire.

1The calculators are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon as an accurate indication of your financial retirement needs. As each individual’s situation is different and changes over time, the results are limited by the accuracy of the assumptions you make in providing the information used in the calculation. I (we) do not guarantee that these calculators are reliable, accurate or complete or that they will be compatible with your computer.


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High Interest Accounts

Manulife Bank has five versions of premium interest rate accounts:

     Premium Interest Accounts 

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