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Helping clients manage their retirement accounts is our primary focus at Farrell Financial.

We believe if you manage the market risk within an investment portfolio using point and figure charting then over time you will produce the results for a long sustainable retirement. The balance of the retirement planning approach is simply arithmetic.

Michael A. Farrell Photo

Michael A. Farrell


Michael A. Farrell is one of the outstanding financial professionals in the industry today. He has been serving clients for over 30 years, the last 20 years as an Investment Representative and Certified Financial Planner of Farrell Financial/Manulife Securities Incorporated. He attended the University of Western Ontario, graduating with a degree in Honours Economics and has earned the distinguished Chartered Investment Manager designation (CIM).

Michael’s practice serves the needs of a diverse group, including pre-retirees, retirees, professionals, and small business owners. In serving this clientele, he maintains a clear vision: To help clients make the best decisions with their money.

His personalized client-focused approach involves "allocating financial resources into the most tax-effective and risk-adjusted vehicles". His focus is not only on where you are today but where you want to be tomorrow and he uses his insight and expertise to show you how to get there.

Joyce McAlpine Photo

Joyce McAlpine

Administrative Assistant

Joyce McAlpine assists Michael with the administration of his office with over 30 years of experience. Joyce’s attention to detail and customer service are always of paramount concern. Joyce truly enjoys her role in assisting clients the old fashioned way – through professional and courteous service.

Joyce has developed her skills in a number of ways. Most recently with her Masters Degree in the Computer Operator Certificate awarded by the Bill Good Marketing Group in Draper, Utah. Joyce continues to upgrade her skills and knowledge.

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